Saturday, August 1, 2009


I will be taking this time to outline what I hope to blog about in the future. Maybe as the name implies, I'm a little obsessed with Japanese pop culture (manga and anime specifically). I decided to put all the time I spend reading and watching into productive use by sharing my thoughts and feelings of recent and famous series.

This is great for:
  • Other 'Japanfanatics'
  • People who want to find out how a series is like prior to watching/reading it
  • People who want to hear other people's opinions on things they like
  • People who need to kill time
  • You?
On a more ambitious note, every two weeks I will be covering a Japanese lesson. This can be "Kanji of the day" or a page in a manga I am reading that we can translate together. Or a common english phrase that would be useful to know in Japanese.

I also play games now and then and may review those if they have anime/japan themes.

Matta ne!

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