Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood 19

Well I was completely unaware that the 19th episode was translated at the same time. So I didn't end up watching it until Monday night. Since I didn't have the agony of waiting to affect my bias, I'm not sure if the effect was the same had I needed to wait. Overall still a good episode.

My favourite sequence

I see how you were deceived You like big breasts don't you I love them Big breasts!


As Elizabeth tries to escape the clutches of Gluttony, everyone's favourite Colonel comes to lend a hand. The concepts of Homunculi are introduced to this group and we even get a glimpse of Lust's philosopher's stone

What a coincidence

The location of the curls of her hair, her facial structure, the cropping, way too many things to point out on this great shot

Many times in the episode, the lives of several people were being tossed in my head as being alive or dead. Just as I became resolved in their death, they turn up to be alive.

Death status

  • Lust: Dead
  • Elizabeth: Alive
  • Roy Mustang: ??
  • Jean Havoc: ??
  • Alphonse: Alive
  • Barry: Dead

With the state of Roy and Jean up in the air, we are assured that Homunculi can be killed. On the other hand, we discover that Alphonse has a limited amount of time before his armour stops responding to him. The Episode ends with Ed facing his father

What a coincidence

I wasn't expecting this

Final Thoughts

I suppose I am leaving with a few feelings. Besides the well being of Mustang and Havoc, I also want to know why the Fuhrer did not interfere with the killing of Lust.

Until next week FMA BH!

Rating: 4/5

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