Monday, August 17, 2009

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood 20

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 20 SUB

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 20

A less exciting episode of FMABH but pretty important to the plot. We learn that the body conjured during human trasmutulation was not their mother. This released all personal guilt in murdering their mother a second time. This also gave Ed more confidence about giving Alphonse his original body.

The most interesting scene to me was the premonition given by Hohenheim (Ed's father). He warns Pinacko that disaster will strike the small town and to vacate. Refusing to abandon the home of Ed, Al, and Winry, Pinacko decides to stay put. What Authority does Hohenheim have to say such things? He is such a mysterious character, I woudln't be surprised if he is the creepy mysterious father of the Homunculi (which has always been my initial hunch).

I guess every series needs their calm episodes to make climaxes that much more exciting

Rating: 3/5

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