Monday, June 27, 2011

July Dramas: Ouran High School Host Club & Hana Kimi remake

Ouran High School Host Club Drama

The July issue of LaLa (the magazine that originally had the OHSHC manga has confirmed a live-action drama series. Yusuke Yamamoto will be playing Tamaki Suou and Haruna Kawaguchi will be playing Haruhi Fujioka.

(Yusuke Yamamoto - Tumbling, Hana Kimi, Atashinichi no Danshi)

(Haruna Kawaguchi - Yankee kun to Megane chan)

I'm really skeptical about Yusuke's ability to portray Tamaki well. Though his face is renowned as gorgeous in Japanese culture - I'm not so sure that it resembles Tamaki's well. We've seen Yusuke do the bad boy act and the supermodel girly-man act. Transitioning into a well-refuned, child-ish yet charismatic character is going to be interesting to see.

Haruna aesthetically is a good match to Haruhi's down-to-earth nature. Also want to see how she looks with short hair (thank you Horikita Maki for not taking on another androgynous role). Haruhi has a fairly simple personality and shouldn't prove to be a challenge.

The cast looking really good - look for this on July 22nd

Hana Kimi

Also coming out this July is a remake of Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (2007).

(old cast & new)

I'm not entirely sure why a re-make is happening 4 years after the fact - and why a korean version is coming out at the same time. I think the manga was okay - definitely not HYD worthy so why it's following the legacy is unclear to me.

Tomo and Maki were excellent in their roles (Oguri Shun was okay - Sano was portrayed very dark and expressionless - though I guess that added to his conserved nature and mystery). The new Sano seems very asynchronous to his reserved and clean-cut personality. Aoi Nakamura and Shohei Miura will be playing Sano and Shuichi. AKB48's Atsuko Maeda will be playing Mizuki.

I will be watching the Korean and Japanese remake versions to see how they fair out to the original - stay tuned!

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