Saturday, July 2, 2011

From Kitty to Gaga to you - make your own hairbow

Made cute and lovable by Hello Kitty and then trendy by Lady Gaga - the hairbow is a hairstyle that will not only make you adorable and cute, but fashionable and stylish.

Lady Gaga

Here is a video done by Cutie on one way to make it.

Basically the steps are as follows:

  • Take the top layer of your hair and make a high off-side ponytail.
  • Split the ponytail into three sections. One for each side of the bow and a little tiny piece for the middle.
  • Use bobby pins to hold the bow in place. Cutie used a backwards comb to add texture to her hair (I skipped this step because it adds way too much flyaways and frizz)
  • Optional: Add cute hair accessory

The first time trying it may take you half an hour or so to get the feel of it. But consecutive tries are much faster. My last attempt at the hairbow only took me 10 minutes and it was my second try at it.

My hair bow

I highly encourage you to try it. It's easy and I got nothing but compliments from it

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